Hunger in the Void

Uncertain Faith

The adventurers stumble onto the small village of Ach after escaping from Half nose and his slavers. Gane realized that this was the site of a recent religious phenomenon, where the statue of the Errant Mother had been bleeding from the sword wounds. As they approach the village there is a crowd of about 50 people gathered, all human, speaking about getting to see the Mother and hoping that she can do something for them. 


After an hour or so of waiting, they were permitted inside along with three other people; a woman with loose garb (inappropriate for the climate), and two men. Inside, Sister Sammada spoke to Mung, telling her of a recent exorcism that she performed shortly before the statue began bleeding. Gane saw no sign of foul play, believing this to not be some kind of invention by the cult. Speaking with the woman who joined you, you learned her name to be Rosalind (Rose), and she agreed to join your party as she had no heading of her own. 


Going to the inn, you learned that the young girl who had recently undergone the exorcism was still recovering and with some coercion her father gave you permission to speak with and check her. Before doing so you spoke with a young woman named Ula who was transfixed looking at a wall unless engaged in conversation with someone; August Furth, one of the men who joined you in the shrine; and a young boy who took the first chance he could to avoid conversation. Ula told you of Old Martha, an older woman who watches after the children who came to the shrine. 


Once some time had passed the party went to speak with the young girl, Rein, and quickly learned things were not well with her. Her skin had been stretched so far due to the possession that it now was to the point she could wrap herself up in it. Gane and Rose attempted to calm the child and in doing so learned of the "Watcher in the Walls", who had spoken to her since she was a child though disappeared a year ago, only to return 4 weeks ago and beg her to help it. It told her of a room in the basement, that no one else knew of, behind a crack in the wall. She snuck down late that night, moved the cupboard aside that it told her of, and squeezed through the small crack. She saw a lump of wax on the ground, surrounded by charcoal drawings that she didn't understand. She approached the lump of wax and then next she knew she was awake in the shrine with her father and Sister Sammada telling her she had been possessed. 


Going into the basement the party finds the location Rein spoke of, with charcoal drawings depicting sexual acts between non-humans and demons, ritual sacrifice, torture, and the eating of flesh. In addition, there was a large wax blob in the center of the room and 4 large larva creatures that attacked your party with tooth and acid…

The Slaver's Lash
The first steps


The morning brings a brief respite from the harsh reality, they had been taken captive by Orcs 4 days ago. Each day they were forced to pull the carts as if they were beasts of burden, and each night tied together with a post stuck in the ground. If the freezing temperatures and falling snow weren't bad enough the slavers constantly struck them, sometimes for fun other times because they wanted to intimidate the other slaves. During those 4 days some of the slaves died, from beatings or from the cold and they were tossed aside like trash.

Luckily a human slave named Heike helped to devise a plan to escape and all was going well until another slave betrayed them, whistling a tune to call the attention of an Orc who had his eye on Heike. Swift action resulted in the Orc and the traitor being killed before alerting any of the other slaves, and their freedom was won. Gane took to the carts and began taking whatever equipment he could while Mung began to armor herself. While attempting to free more of the slaves they were caught and the slavers turned their eye on the small party, setting upon them like prey. During the skirmish Heike and her companion Tristen were presumably slain while Gane and Mung took flight into the woods. 

On their own, wounds severe, the duo travel through the woods trying to find somewhere to hide from their pursuers. They found a cave and upon exploring found a crack in one of the cave walls that led back out into the forest and to a moment of safety. Mung used her knowledge of the wilderness to create a campfire and catch some rabbit for the two of them eat. Gane proved to be too weak to withstand the environment, finding solace in a book of musical notes that he carried on his person, and Mung's wounds were severe to the point that she was on death's door…the night was not without terror, though they woke up the next morning somewhat rested. This continued another two days, the pair traveling through the woods with no bearing until the third day when they found a small village that may be the shelter they've been seeking. 


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